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Son Gohan
Name: Nick
Personal LJ: kbrighton (relatively inactive)
Contact Info: (email) cstrife010110 (AIM)
Other Characters Played: None
Preferred Housing: 457 Stone Street (I've discussed it with the players, and they gave their blessing)

Character Name: Gohan Son
Character Series: Dragonball Z
Character Age: 16
Background: Here ya go!

A scholar by nature, Gohan’s greatest dream has always been to spend his life learning, studying, and reading. He would love nothing more than to just lock himself away in a classroom or a library, reading and absorbing anything that tickles his fancy, not for any real reason, other than just the joy of learning. His love of learning was instilled upon him from a very young age, as his mother, Son Chichi, wanted him to be as far away from his father’s warrior lifestyle as possible. He is brilliant, book smart, driven to excel at everything he does, and extremely quick to pick up the things that he learns.
Despite his mother’s...more aggressive nature, who raised him for most of his life, Gohan inherited the gentle nature of his father. While he enjoys playing the hero, he would much rather sit down to talk, working out a good solution that won’t involve punches, kicks, or world destroying ki blasts. This gentle nature, however, can sometimes be a hindrance, since it, combined with his lack of worldliness, can cause him to take things at face value that he probably shouldn’t.
Despite his gentleness, Gohan also has the soul of a warrior. When the chips are down, and when all else has failed, he is more than willing to throw down with the best of them. His half-alien nature can sometimes cause him to be aggressive in combat, and combined with his intellect and ability to quickly react to changes in a combat, make him a dangerous opponent. While he would never choose fighting as a first option, he has been known to enjoy it. The rush of adrenaline, the thrill of fighting for one’s life, both are things that he doesn’t experience all the time. He loves being the hero, going so far as to have a friend of his create a costume for him, so he can fight crime while staying anonymous. To him, however, the Great Saiyaman is more of a game, rather than really fighting.
Gohan is proof that, at times, even great intellects can not have any idea of what its like to deal with normal people. He was raised in a remote location, and the only people that he had any real interactions with were those whom his family already trusted, so he was able to trust almost everything that was told to him. His trusting nature has been both a blessing and a curse to Gohan, as he takes what people say at face value. Because of this, he is able to easily make and keep friends, but he also is very prone to be taken advantage of. Though he is naive, once his trust has been lost, it’s very difficult to regain. He may forgive, but he is rarely caught by the same issue more than once.
Gohan wants nothing more than to find a way to be able to be a hero, while also keeping a normal life, and because of this, he created a special persona, named The Great Saiyaman, as well as a costume for this persona. The Great Saiyaman is very similar in actions to Gohan, except much more over the top. He is a Western Style Superhero and a Super Sentai all rolled into one. Gohan is much more confident while wearing this costume, as it allows him the ability to do and say just about anything without worry of it backfiring on himself or his family. It should be noted that very few people actually fall the disguise, but Gohan doesn’t seem to notice.

(The setup is Gohan talking to a friend of his on the phone. He's been operating as The Great Saiyaman for a few weeks, and trying to see what people think of him. Were this an actual post to Mayfield, it'd be improperly filtered to his random friend, and accidentally be broadcasting to the entire school, since that's just Gohan's luck.)

So, the test's essay is going to be on 'Communism, and why it will fail forever.' You know, the usual stuff. Nah, I don't really think that it'll be too hard, honestly, since we went over everything in class a few days ago.

So, uh...what do you think of that new Superhero that showed up recently? The Great Saiyaman. What do you mean 'The dork with the goofy costume??' It was not made by my mother; it was made by my Aunt...

[He pauses, and the blood drains from his face.]

I mean...I've known for how long? Look, it was the only way to get out of class for an extended length of time. Well, I guess I can see how a 45 minute bathroom break can look suspicious...or worrisome. Heheh.

[The person on the other end says something that makes Gohan visibly upset.]

You think that I’m a lame superhero with a bad costume? You don't get it, do you? The costume is a symbol. It's a way of allowing me to fight crime without putting my friends in danger. Well, it was originally so that people wouldn't recognize me as the kid who defeated Cell. I don't want to be famous; I just want to help people!

[He sighs and seems to calm down.]

Truth of the matter is that I really do love the fighting, I don't like it much. It's something that's a part of my heritage. My father's people were like that, and he, despite his gentle nature, loved fighting for fighting's sake. I've fallen into the trap of losing myself in the fight before, but never again. The day that I start doing it just for the sake of fighting, is the day that I've failed. I’ll have failed, both as a person, and as a hero.

Sorry for venting at you, but I just wanted you to understand. Uh...look, I'll talk to you at school tomorrow, and please don't tell anyone who I am. I know it might not matter much here, but it would make me feel better.


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