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2012-03-27 11:38 pm

IC/OOC Contact Post

Uh, hi! This is Gohan, please leave a message!
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2012-01-29 12:05 am
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Permissions post

[ OOC ]
Backtagging: Go right ahead!
Threadhopping: Sure!
Fourthwalling: I'm generally OK with it, especially people figuring out he's the Great Saiyaman.
Offensive subjects: I'm very laid back, so go ahead.

[ IC ]
Hugging this character: He's pretty cool with that, but it might confuse him.
Kissing this character: It'll confuse him, but he won't get pissed off.
Flirting with this character: He won't know how to react, but go ahead!
Sex with the character: Just ask me first. :)
Fighting with this character: He's from Dragon Ball, this is a gimmie.
Injuring this character: Yeah, I'm generally OK with it, but lets play it out and discuss things. :)
Killing this character: Contact me first, but I'm generally OK with it. Lets play it out.
Using telepathy/mind reading abilities on this character: Yeah, that's generally OK.
Warnings: None yet.

The advanced stuff )
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2012-01-28 11:21 pm

OOC Info

Character: Son Gohan
Player: Nick
Canon: Dragon Ball Z
Game: [community profile] mayfield_rpg

Comments/questions/critiques/concerns? Contact me here Comments are screened. I'm generally a friendly person, so please feel free to chat. :)

AIM: cstrife010110
Plurk: kbrighton